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Periogen PlakBuster Oral Health Spray is intended to support oral health by preventing tartar buildup between brushings.

  • Helps maintain oral health between brushings
  • Research has shown use of PlakBuster improved “Oral Health Indexes*” by 13%!
  • Perfect for everyone, especially those with dental appliances or implants
  • One aerosol can contains over 50 applications
  • Can only ship to The contiguous United States (lower 48)

PlakBuster by Periogen is intended to support oral health in between brushing. Plaque can form within hours of a snack or meal and it is not always possible to brush. PlakBuster prevents plaque from mineralizing (hardening) into tartar. PlakBuster was formulated by our dental partners who wanted to provide their patients with the benefits of Periogen Oral Rinse, but in a more convenient way for those people that are on-the-go.

Directions: Simply spray one or two bursts in mouth and swish around teeth/gums or dental appliance as needed throughout the day. Best results from PlakBuster will be achieved by including Periogen Oral Rinse into your daily oral care routine. 

*The simplified Oral Hygiene Index (Greene and Vermillion) has two components, the Debris Index and the Calculus Index. Each of these indexes, in turn, is based on numerical determinations representing the amount of debris or calculus found on the pre-selected tooth surfaces.

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