Periogen for Dental Professionals

Periogen Oral Rinse is a dental calculus inhibiting/reducing product for home use. It is an adjunct to dentistry, not a replacement. Periogen has a healthy pH of 7.5 and does not harm beneficial oral flora. Periogen works best on dental calculus less than one year old so patients need to schedule regular cleanings/exams. Typical results in compliant patients reflect much reduced calculus buildup. Typically what is present will be quite soft and easy to debride. All of our clinical studies by dental universities were performed on participants that had been scaled within the previous 12 months. Also, Periogen works really well at keeping implants clean and calculus free. The UAE Dental School study (link below) found that implant patients using Periogen rinse experienced results similar to CHX without the negative side effects of CHX such as irritation, tooth staining, and calculus formation. Also, Periogen may also be used indefinitely.

Periogen rinse is made in the USA out of FDA approved food additives and is sold as a powdered concentrate in a 3 ounce bottle. One bottle of powdered concentrate makes about 3 gallons of rinse. 
The customer simply mixes a scoop (1/4 teaspoon) into water and swishes. Since traditional swishing with any oral rinse only penetrates 1 to 2 mm into the gum line, we recommend an oral irrigator for people with dental pockets. Periogen when used in an irrigator does an excellent job of keeping dental pockets 6 mm or less under control with some people reporting 1 to 2 mm closure after 3 months of use in an oral irrigator.

Dental Professional Boxed Set
Dental Professional Boxed Set

Your Dental Practice and Periogen

Periogen Complete Oral Health Rinse:

  • Significantly reduces tartar buildup between professional cleanings
  • Reduces time and discomfort for patient
  • Enhances longevity of dental appliances like orthodontics and dental implants
  • Uses only proven safe food ingredients-healthy pH with no harmful chemicals or alcohol
  • Easy to use and inexpensive home care at about 7 cents per ounce when mixed with water

Periogen is a clinically proven, highly effective oral health product. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Clinical Studies

Periogen Clinical Studies Map

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