Dental Professional Reviews

"I have started using Periogen personally with my Sonic-Fusion by Waterpik. I have seen wonderful results with this product. I have started my hygienists recommending this to our patients and have seen GREAT results in the way that it has softened the tartar. This has definitely made scaling easier."
--Dr. Kenneth Alford D.M.D., Santa Rosa, Ca

"When rinsing with Periogen several times a day, you can reduce the tartar level buildup in your mouth, making your dental visits easier and protecting your teeth."
--Southern Arizona Periodontics, PLC

Customer Reviews

"Kudos to you all for creating Periogen. Between the powder, plaque seeker tips and the Waterpik I have been having blue ribbon exams for several years. I can't say enough how glad I am. Thanks again for the help I needed. Starting my husband on Periogen." --Sandra, North Carolina

"I am excited to report that I received a very positive report this morning from my Periodontist! There was a dramatic improvement. I was excited to learn that pockets which previously appeared to be increasing have reversed. The average pocket depth is now in the 2-3 range with only 1 tooth in the 4-5 range. I happened to receive a call from my 80 year old mother after the appointment & she is placing her order today!" --Betsy

"I had gone from periodontal disease to a clean bill of dental health within a matter of months. This was all thanks to Periogen. I still use it to this day, and I don't foresee a time when I will stop." -- Peter, California

"I have been able to arrest my periodontal disease and avoid surgery, I am 71 years old." -- Randy, Oregon

"Periogen has been the best product I have found for complete calculus (tartar) control. I am a 67 year old lady with no fillings or cavities. I use Periogen twice daily and will continue the rest of my life." -- Cheryl, Florida

"I have tartar build-up on the back of my teeth. I have found that Periogen really works to keep it to a minimum!!! A great recommendation from my new dentist." -- Max, Washington

"If you love your teeth, get this!!!!!!" "Why every dentist is not advising this, who knows. But it WORKS. Period. Your hygienist will wonder what you've been up to, she will have next to nothing left to clean away! Plus, you won't be faced with deep cleaning if you use this amazing product as described." -- Gary Kitchen

"Great Product To Keep Teeth and Gums In Tip Top Shape.
This product works very effectively. I have some periodontal issues, so I decided to give it a try. I use it both morning and evening, and definitely think it eliminates any additional tartar and plaque from developing. I think it also helps reduce pockets that may develop and cause bone loss. I have my teeth cleaned every three months and am excited to see what my hygienist thinks at my next appt. This product is great, kind of expensive, but well worth the money. I would much rather keep gums and teeth healthy so I don't have to forego additional dental expenses! Would certainly recommend it!" -- Molly T. Andrews

"This stuff actually works. Just had a dental cleaning and the hygienist asked me what I was doing differently because there was virtually no tartar. She even brought in my dentist to look and see." -- customer