Caring for the Planet

Periogen is the most environmentally responsible oral rinse product sold. Our 3 ounce bottle of powdered concentrate when mixed with locally sourced water makes nearly 3 gallons of rinse equivalent to 12 bottles of the leading brands rinse product.

Liquid mouthrinse is mostly water and choosing Periogen concentrate means that 12 plastic bottles do not go into our landfills! All the competitors can do is talk about urging you to recycle plastic waste when the most responsible thing may be to not produce it in the first place.

The same environmental benefits are also true of carbon emissions related to truck and aircraft transportation of these products as 12 bottles of leading brand rinse can weigh over 20 pounds versus a bottle of Periogen concentrate that weighs but a few ounces. This means that far less fuel consumed to transport a small bottle of Periogen. Don’t pay for water when Periogen concentrate is easy on your budget, easy on the environment and best of all it really keeps your mouth healthy.