Periogen Toothpaste 2-Pack

Periogen Toothpaste 2-Pack

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NEW! Periogen Tartar Control Formula Toothpaste
  • Bio-Activated to Fight Tartar Buildup
  • Whitens Teeth, Freshens Breath, SLS Free Gel Formula
  • Concentrated to be Your Best Value
  • Fluoride Free

Periogen Complete Oral Health Toothpaste is derived from Periogen Oral Rinse, the award winning tartar reducing rinse that has helped so many maintain their oral health at home.

Periogen toothpaste is bio activated and supercharges your toothbrush by first neutralizing mouth acids to create a normal healthy pH environment. Then, our proprietary formula acts to soften plaque deposits and more importantly prevent elements in saliva from binding with dental plaque to form tartar on teeth. The end result is a more effective and pleasant brushing experience that leaves your mouth feeling fresh and squeaky clean.

There is no fluoride or titanium dioxide in our toothpaste and no foaming agents as we are an “SLS free” gel formula. Periogen toothpaste whitens teeth while freshening breath and only a small amount is required with each use. For best results, rinse with Periogen Oral Rinse after each brushing.