Dental Implants and Dentures

Dental implant

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed directly into the bone area of the missing tooth and anchors firmly with bone with a process called as osseointegration. A dental implant is most commonly capped with a natural-looking artificial tooth called a dental crown, which is contoured to match the look and color of your surrounding teeth.

Dental implants are the most long-lasting tooth replacement options with several advantages primarily mainly the neighboring teeth do not have to be drilled on, it prevents shifting of teeth and you can clean and floss it like the other teeth which helps keep the bone and gums strong and provides natural chewing support. Treatment is highly versatile as relatively few dental implants are required to support an entire arch of teeth. Dental implants can also be extremely long lasting, and when properly cared for should give you decades of trouble-free use.

Removable dentureRemovable dentures (partial/complete) consist of a gum colored acrylic base which is used to replace natural teeth. The removable dentures are almost obsolete because of many disadvantages primary it does not stop the bone resorption, adjustment variations with time, discomfort and aesthetic challenges. The only advantage of these devices is the relatively inexpensive cost and with constant wear, can prevent the teeth it supports from drifting.